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Let’s assume that you like to watch hockey matches and you have a particular hockey club you support. You stay updated on the hockey news, the clubs’ success, as well as the results of the matches you do not manage to follow. Many people who are also that knowledgeable about hockey usually like to look for online betting websites similar to where they hope to find hockey offers. But it’s easy for them – they know what to look for. How does a beginner learn the ways of betting on hockey?

Getting To Know The Basic Terms

Hockey speculators first state their predictions on the best and the worst team. The team with the most odds to win is called the Favourite, and the team which less likely to win is called the Underdog. When the teams are enlisted in the wagering display, the negative number is there to show the Favourite and the positive number is there to show the Underdog. If you want to play safe and bet on the Favourite, the amount of money you earn in case of their success is less than the money you choose to bet on the underdog in case they win.

The Variants of Bets for Beginners

If you simply want to guess who will be the winner, you are then doing the Money Line bet. When it comes to a Money Line bet, you can use the numbers next to the favorites to calculate how much money you need to wage to earn $100. If you want to bet on the Underdog, the numbers next to these teams show what amount of money that you would win if you invest $100.

The Puck Line or the Spread is there if you want to guess the number of goals scored by the Favourite and the Underdog. More specifically, if you choose this kind of bet, you wager money if you estimate that the number of goals scored by the Favourites would be at least two more compared to the goals that the Underdog scores. The Puck Line uses the same scheme for the money you can get following the positive and negative numbers next to your team.

An interesting variant of bet is also an Over/Under bet, in which you can bet on the total number of goals that both the Favourite and the Underdog score. This is a perfect choice for you if you do not want to worry about the individual success of hockey teams, the Favourites, and the Underdogs.

The Advanced Variants of Bets

If you are focused on a particular player and want to predict his goals, assists, and other details of his performance, you can try Player Prop betting. The names of the players are also enlisted in the wager display with the number indicating their odds to score a goal and to assist. For those who want to spice up their wagers, they can go with Game Prop betting, where they can predict what team will score a goal first, what team would play better in the first period, or if there will be an overtime in the game.

NHL offers you an opportunity to place a wager on Grand Salami, which relates to all the games played during a particular day. You estimate the total number of goals that are scored by all the teams playing that day. What you have to keep in mind is whether you want to put your wage on the goals over the bookmakers’ odds or under these odds.