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One of the biggest issues of the modern era and constant working is the one considering orderly sleep. Insomnia and interrupted periods of sleep are both the consequence and the cause of daily stress, as you lack the physical energy to face all the daily challenges. With the spread of various digital media, people became available to others 24/7, which can also add up to the daily stress. On the other hand, working overtime and the night shift also bring about the interruption of sleep schedule, so there is a pandemic of people who live at night and sleep by day. If you cannot find peace to link at least hours of night sleep for a long time now, here are some suggestions on how to improve your sleeping routine. 

Select and Reduce Your Bites and Gulps Before Going to Bed

The famous proverb says that you should ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper’. It is true in practice since overeating is not recommended late at night. In case you overeat, all your blood will run to your stomach to help digestion, and it would be harder to fall asleep at that moment. When you have dinner, focus on proteins and take small bites. When it comes to drinks, avoid the beverages containing caffeine since it affects waking up. These beverages include coffee, tea, energy drinks, Coca-Cola, and such. 

Do Not Do Any Mental Work

The activity of your brain after 8 or 9 p.m. can slow down the natural process of falling asleep. The brain can easily trick your body by sending messages ‘I need to work more, you are not as tired as you think’. The truth is, both your body and your brain need relaxation, and mental work can increase the level of adrenaline just like physical work. After 9 p.m., you should avoid answering emails, doing the reports, preparing the papers for tomorrow, etc. The brain needs to rest just like any other muscle, so do not bomb it with excessive information. 

Stay Away From the Screens

This may be the most difficult task since we spend most of our time in front of electronic gadgets like phones, laptops, computers, and TV. The harmful part of digital media is its radiation that targets our eyes. The screens give off the radiation which keeps our eyes open even when they crave some sleep. The moment we find interesting content on the internet or TV, it makes us stay awake longer than we can physically endure. Therefore, sacrifice your favorite TV show or series and delay it for daytime to fall asleep faster and easier. 

Take a Walk

Instead of spending another hour in front of the TV, take a walk in the fresh air and fill your lungs with oxygen. The oxygen accelerates the process of falling asleep and pumps blood to all your muscles. The pace of your walk will correspond to your heart rhythm, and when they are synchronized, you will just want to lie in bed as soon as possible. 


A good way to get rid of your worries is to feel the present moment. Meditation helps you focus on your breathing, all parts of your body, as well as your pulse. Choose the one which suits you best and enjoy your deep sleep.