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During the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people who hadn’t cooked before have been forced to take up this activity for prevention reasons. There is no safer food than the one prepared at your own home since you are familiar with the complete process of preparation from start to finish. Cooking can be a creative hobby that can add up to your healthy lifestyle and general wellbeing. If you want to avoid junk food and build up healthy nutritional habits, here are some hints about cooking that can turn your life around and make it long and prosper.

Wisely Choose Your Ingredients

People do not say in vain that you become the food you eat. All the ingredients that you consume bring about changes in your body function, so it is important to choose your ingredients wisely.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, try to buy domestic fruits and vegetables from grocers who sell their own products. Try avoiding supermarkets since there is a bigger chance you find non-organic fruits and vegetables there. When it comes to meat and dairy products, pay attention to the expiration date and read the little explanations on the back of the package. You may read something that wouldn’t suit you: these products can contain a lot of sugar, grease, or artificial carbohydrates that you didn’t expect in the first place.

Roasting Before Frying

Frequent consumption of fried food can increase your chances of developing cancer. In addition, using the same oil many times can be even more lethal. Roasted food is fully heat treated and requires less oil, which is healthier for your digestive system. In that way, you are sure the heat will kill all the bacteria and viruses that couldn’t be removed underwater. Moreover, it will save your time and energy, since the dish is heated from all the sides. In case of frying, you have to take care of turning the right side of your steak or your burger, and the heated oil can easily burn your skin.

Bake Your Own Bread and Pastry Instead Of Buying Them

The pastry, pies, and bread you buy at the bakery are usually full of additives that keep the products last longer. These additives include emulsifiers, preservatives, sweeteners, colors, and additional flavors. These additives make your intestines swell and you have a feeling of heaviness in your stomach. Therefore, the additives slow down the digestion of food. Domestic pastry and bread are digested easier since you do not have to use these additives. When you bake your own pastry, you know the condition of the ingredients you are using and you are sure that the food will be eaten on the spot.

Try Fermenting Your Vegetables

This is a tradition practiced in the Balkans, and it is a good way to consume vegetables apart from their season. The vegetables which are usually fermented are cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, carrots, and cauliflower, and they are usually kept in jars. In that way, they can last for a whole year or more. As a result, the process of fermentation improves the absorption of minerals and vitamins and allows the probiotics to multiply. The pepper specialty prepared also in the Balkans is called ‘ajvar’, and it can serve as a starter or as a spread for your sandwich.