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The state of your back is the core of your whole body function. It is all your responsibility to keep your back in a good condition, to keep it straight and flexible. A sedentary job, uncomfortable bed, unsuitable shoes, and the lack of physical activity can cause terrible back pain which can vex you during your regular daily activities. If back pain appears, you have to react rapidly since it can cause further complications with your health. Here are some useful exercises to relieve the back pain and return your spine to a normal posture. It is important to start with short series, and then to prolong them gradually as time goes by.


There is no such sport as swimming that activates all the muscles of your body. Furthermore, swimming adjusts your posture into its natural position, and your back can benefit from that a lot. While you swim, you activate your lower back muscles which support the spine and which can easily loosen if you do not exercise regularly. Moreover, plunging into water is a nice alternative to a massage, so the water treats the toxic fibrosis gathering around your neck and your shoulders.


Although yoga seems easy and relaxing, it is much more than simply exercising. You strengthen and stretch your muscles in a specific position while focusing on your breathing. In that way, you have your pulse under control and there is a nice circulation of oxygen in your blood, which is beneficial for all your muscles. Poses in yoga such as pigeon pose, triangle pose, and the downward-facing dog will wear off the burden you carry on your back. Pigeon pose helps your hip rotators and flexors to stretch. Triangle pose strengthens your torso muscles and downward-facing dog targets your back extensors.


Biking can help you reduce your back pain if you do it properly.

It is important to choose an appropriate bike with a suitable saddle that will help you keep a straight posture. Try not to hunch your shoulders and keep your back straight. You should keep your head and your chest up while distributing the weight to your arms and hands from time to time. The arms should be slightly bent so they can endure the vibrations of the body. As for the health of your hips, your knees should make a straight angle at the top of every stroke.


A set of specifically structured exercises that target the particular part of your body can be also beneficial for your back. You can increase your bone density by simple running, jumping, or other cardio exercises. Your joints and your back would be thankful to you for that. The denser the bones are, the less prone they will be to pain and injuries. The more you do aerobics, the more weight you lose, since weight can put great pressure on your back. The fitness instructors recommend low-impact aerobics for those with back pain as not to cause some other complications.


It may sound crazy, but many back problems start in your feet.

Flat feet dictate how your back will affect your posture to a large extent, so walking is there to strengthen your feet muscles, your hips, and your torso. The good thing is that your legs do not suffer a lot from your weight pressure, so walking is highly recommended if you want to reduce back pain.