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How many times have you craved physical activity during corona times? How much have you missed the team spirit of social events and sports matches? Till ”the big announcement” that corona is long gone, here is some readers’ digest on sports you can do or watch with your mates after a long time of social distancing. This is especially useful for those people who like to bet on sports online, as these tips are just as useful as the best bet35 bonus codes India has to offer. Moreover, these are the sports you can consider as your future profession if you work hard enough since they are seen as the most popular in India. Who wouldn’t like to make a living out of a hobby?


Cricket started to attract its supporters in 1983 when the Indian Cricket National team won the World cup, along with legendary Kapil Dev being the captain of the team. Since the foundation of the Indian Premier League in 2005, a lot of money has been invested in this sport and cricket has made big profits. The IPL  attracts a lot of cricketers from all over the world, and the Board of Control for Cricket is there to keep cricket in national focus.


Although Indian National Team has not been successful on an international level, the status of football in India can be described as the sport with the largest number of spectators. Despite the failure of the national team to enter the World Cup more frequently, Indian supporters are drawn to European league and European clubs. Consequently, to encourage the popularity of football in the subcontinent and India, football clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona and Chelsea have influenced the foundation of fan clubs where supporters from all over the world can connect to one another.


The popularity of hockey can be discerned in the national team’s success at the Olympics, the Asian regional tournaments, as well as in the media coverage of hockey matches. Since hockey is mostly conditioned by climate, field hockey is more present in the tropical regions, while ice hockey is more played in the north of India. Although field hockey has brought a lot of Olympic medals to the country, ice hockey slowly came into the centre of public attention, as the national team started to compete at the international level in 2009.

Just like other sports, hockey has its own league that is based on the IPL model.


Kabaddi can be viewed as the only Indian national sport that was not brought about by colonial legacy. Some supporters claim that it is the oldest Indian sport which was played by Buddha himself and by the princes who tried to woo their future brides. There is an interesting fact that kabaddi has gained most of its supporters and players in the rural areas of India. Along with the growing popularity and sponsorships, the Pro – Kabaddi League became the second most popular league in 2014. 


After cricket, badminton is considered to be the most played sport in India. 

Despite being an individual sport, ”shuttlers” Saina Nehwal, Prakash Padukone and Pullella Gopichand brought international medals to India. 

The Badminton Association of India regulates the media coverage of badminton and raises viewership each day.