Posted on: February 9, 2022 Posted by: Adi Comments: 0

There is no perfect job, and various employees would agree that there are both benefits and hardships at any working place. The coronavirus pandemic has locked the whole world behind the four walls and the majority of people were forced to work from their home offices. Having a desk job is not an excuse to avoid physical exercise, yet it is hard to motivate oneself to be active when there is a habit of constant sitting. The following statements will encourage you to stand up, move around, and try to exercise whenever you have a chance.

Physical Exercise Keeps Your Posture Straight

When you sit at your desk and work long hours, you lean more than usual. That can be harmful to your posture, your bones, and especially your spine. The condition of your spine is the core of your whole body structure, so physical exercise can help you maintain your straight posture and healthy spine. Not only will it help you to return your posture into its natural state after work, but it will also force you to sit straight while working.

It Prevents Your Muscles from Atrophy

The truth is that you lose your muscle mass if you do not move for a long time. The less your muscles work, the less you will be prepared for simple actions like walking, climbing the stairs, or doing simple housework. The abs are there to support your posture additionally, while your leg muscles, your biceps, and your triceps keep your joints healthy. Physical exercise will transfer the accumulated energy into your muscles, so you will be stronger and less prone to gain weight.

It Takes Care of Your Veins’ Health

99% percent of people who have a desk job suffer from the feeling of swollen legs. That happens due to unequal blood circulation, which can harm your veins and cause varicose. The feeling of heaviness appears when the unnecessary water gathers in your legs, which slows down the veins’ function and enlarges them. Physical activity can help you get rid of excess water in your legs and keep your veins healthy.

Physical Exercise Is a Good Weapon Against Depression and Stress

Few people realize that the root of depression isn’t of psychological or mental nature. If we turn to the first argument and lean our body during office work, depression and stress have a physiological basis.

When you are more passive than usual, your central nervous system produces hormones like serotonin and dopamine in fewer amounts. These hormones can influence your mood to a large extent if you have a sedentary job. The lower function of these hormones can easily lead to the appearance of stress and depression symptoms. Psychologists can point to the very place in your body where toxic substances are gathered, and that is on your spine and around your neck. When you work out, you both keep your hormones under control and fight against the toxic substances around your neck.

It Increases Productivity and Improves Your Performance

This is the summary of all the arguments previously mentioned. If you feel good in your own body and keep your general health under control, it will also be transferred into your work in terms of productivity and performance. The mood swings would be less frequent, which will keep you stable to face all the challenges at work.