IHAI: Ice Hockey Association of India

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The Ice Hockey Association of India
is the national body coordinating Ice Hockey in India. Under the supervision on the International Ice Hockey Federation we conduct competitions and organize training programs for our players in India and abroad to give them exposure to the international standards of Ice Hockey.

International coaches and Indian players settled in the US and Canada have been helping the Indian teams in getting equipment and aid to promote the game.

We are working hard to get corporates to give sponsorships for the development of the game and also are working with the Indian Olympic Committee and the Sports Authority of India to create more permanent infrastructure and rinks in India.

With the Commonwealth Games in 2010 and the SAF Winter Games in Uttarakhand in 2008 our hopes are high that we will have at least one world class facility for our players in the next couple of years.
Presently, the game is going to be introduced in schools in Delhi and will move to other cities as and when facilities are developed.